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fish, fish and fish everywhere
fishy / the seven year-old / the sex god
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[Ohmiya] ¤ Tonight's Plan
Overlapping Shadows
ohno/nino. 590 words. g. romance. angst
Ohno has a love-hate relationship with Nino's songs.

There's nothing more beautiful. Or heartbreakingCollapse )

author's note: err, this was supposed to be a 100-word drabble, believe it or not. it's awkward and i'm rusty omg. Lyrics taken from それはやっぱり君でした、(cred: yarukizero) because i was listening to it while trying to go to sleep. THE SLEEP THING NEVER HAPPENED BTW. D:
[Nino]  ¤ Fish Face
707th Battalion
donghae/eunhyuk. 1036 words. eventual nc-17. romance. drama. angst
How far would you go for unrequited and ambiguous love? Far enough to risk lives and jeopardize countries? Donghae certainly thinks so.

When love is more dangerous than a gun against your head.Collapse )

author's note: I can't even remember how long has this been sitting in my wip folder. I lost half of it when my laptop crashed and just didn't have drive to rewrite and continue. I guess I'm currently in the mood. Disclaimer kinda: Obviously, whatever facts written here are bullshit and fictional. I apologize in advance for the inaccuracy of it all, you are more than welcome to correct me :) And yes it's a series! Just curious, though, are you guys still following this comm even? I know I've been dead and all :[
[Nino]  ¤ Fish Face
A Record of Time
donghae/eunhyuk. 439 words. g. romance
My thoughts were scaring me.

I hoped you didn't notice.Collapse )

author's note: Apologize for the week's late update. I was away on a cruise last week :D Had a good relaxation time I probably needed. It's the last weeks of the term, I'm stuck with a pile of final projects that have yet to be done ;__; oh! I just realized I had over 100 watchers here! /dances. to celebrate I'm accepting oneshot/drabble requests here. comments are totally appreciated btw.
[Nino]  ¤ Fish Face
A Record of Time
donghae/eunhyuk. 468 words. g. romance
I wished you were dancing for me.

You weren'tCollapse )

author's note:i did it! i updated after a week :D Tell me what you guys think, yeah? It's my first time writing in first pov, so i'm not really sure lol
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